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'Thanks for keeping cool with everyone, your job is not easy.. All looks great"

"Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work over the weekend at Goodwood. I thought the films looked great"

'Thanks so much Rob, appreciate you being so diligent..been able to look through the rushes which all look great''

"Hi rob, edit has gone really well. The Client love both films."

'Thank you for being as patient and helpful and excellent as always!

'Ta very much chuck! For your relentless hardwork, sense of humour and dedication to perfection'

'Thank you for all your hardwork and patience filming the Top Gear Value special, the rushes look great'

'Thank you so much for all your hard work on Collectors' Lot in America. The schedule was certainly gruelling and I really appreciate the way you coped so effortlessly.'

'Thank you for an excellent piece of work on the Variety Club Commercials, efficient and utterly professional. The club committee were delighted with the finished product.'

'Thank you for all your hard work on the show and for making it look so good'

'I hope you've been taking the right medication for your bruises. That was a soft introduction to The Cook Report- ha ha!! No seriously, I think you acted very courageously and did a superb job on the doorstep. It was a very awkward and potentially very dangerous situation. You handled it commendably and kept the camera rolling to give us some great pictures'

'Edit going well, it looks great.. I am ever so pleased with the whole thing'

' It was all lit beautifully so thank you for making everything look lovely.'

'A million thank yous to you for excellent work. Totally spoilt for choice and endlessly confused by what to use. Thanks for some wonderful material, which was admired by all.'

'A small idea, followed by phone calls to faceless people, a long flight to a strange place and then the final ingredient a group of helpful caring people from a wonderful place we all miss terribly. It was a great shoot and everyone's very happy with the way the episodes come together..' Home & Away.

'Thank you so much for all your hard work and commitment. You really made the presenter, contributors and production team feel at ease. The shots look fantastic and the options for editing are endless'

Robert Pike
Camera Operator/Lighting Cameraman
Mob: 0044 (0)7831 502075


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