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  Equipment list   Other kit
  Sony F5 camera
Supplied with either:
HJ11 and Hj17 lenses and
  b4 adapter
Canon CN7 lens
Canon 18-80, 70-300,
  11-24mm lenses
Set of Canon Cine primes
Matte box and filters
Remote zoom
Follow Focus unit
Swit HD monitor with
  Teredek radio link
9" Panasonic HD monitor
Video Devices Pix-e
  HD monitor


1 x diva 400 Light
1 x Photo Beard Highlight
2 x 1x1 bi colour Led
  panel lights
1 x 2x1 Bi colour Soft
  Led light
1 x small daylight led light
1 x dedo light with gobos
1 x medium round
  Bi colour soft Led
1 x small round
  Bi colour soft led
2 x 800w tungsten lights
2 x 500w tungsten light
1 x 150w tungsten light
1 x 1000 fresnel tungsten
On board Led camera light
Cabling, / RCd's
  Ronin S Gimbal
Sony A7smk2 DSLR
Osmo Plus gimbal camera
Camera Slider
17" Panasonic HD Monitor
Lightweight track / tripod
Mini Jib
3 x go pro cameras/ mounting kits
Rolling Spyder
Saddlecam bag
Various reflectors
Baby legs
Chromakey blue / green
  back drop with support
White back drop with
Walkie talkies
Radio Mics and Boom mic
Timecode logger

Robert Pike
Camera Operator/Lighting Cameraman
Mob: 0044 (0)7831 502075


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